A funny story about 3 dudes that meet together and partnered by a simple phone call and shared a vision to bring doughnuts and technology to every corner of the world. One of the partners is a crypto guru that he even named his crypto project after his daughter, wonder if he names his breakfast crypto. 
The Other partner is a smart yippy dude that connects his soul to mother earth unless it rains, then he runs for his life.
And another partner is always in a state of pessimism, that needs to make 20 calls asking why his burger is lacking the ketchup.
And in all of this partnership, we are a blend of friends that want to bring a new era into this market,.Ps, We still waiting for doughnuts.

Group of Companies

A solution that ables users to market your venue with flyers, promotions, deals, social media and contact information  in exchange for free wifi.

It is an upcoming online directory of companies that allows all vendors and e-commerce owners to display to the market every single product, service, deal, marketing, and event with all company information whereabouts. A simple solution for users to find what they want without having to search for tons of apps and domains.